Customizing Your Studiofolio WordPress Theme

I thought I’d share a few of the Wordpress customizations I’ve come up with for Undsgn’s Studiofolio theme.

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Brother and sister hugging in an archway.

Holiday Greeting Cards at Stanford

Shooting family portraits for a holiday card at Stanford.

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Macro of a gold engagement band with emeralds and diamonds set in the band.

The Goat Proposal Part 2: Making it Happen

Part two of the goat proposal story.

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Man proposing on one knee. Woman kisses him while he kneels and presents a diamond ring in marriage proposal while a goat looks on.

The Goat Proposal Part 1

Sometimes the only way to say “I love you” is with a bouquet of herbivores. I pulled out all the stops and found a way to integrate my partner’s favorite animal into my marriage proposal. Yes, goats.

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Hubcap and logo from a BMW with details of the brake calipers

BMW and Saveur’s Culinary Road Trip – Part One: The Cars

A collaboration between BMW of Mountain View and Saveur Magazine. The dealership invited it’s top customers to test drive some of their high end vehicles. Then they sat down to an excellent meal composed by Saveur and The Four Seasons.

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